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For you, we have selected partner brands for their commitment to being environmentally responsible. We give preference to local French brands and those based in the Alps. Some produce in France, others manufacture using only recycled materials…. all are responsible and committed to protecting the environment. These are some of the partners brands you will find in our shop in Les Gets:  
Lagoped - PureXperience - Les Gets


Clothing inspired by nature. “We couldn’t find clothes made locally, that are healthy to wear, technical and eco-friendly, so we decided to create them ourselves!”. LAGOPED designs and create its products as close as possible to the point of sale using recycled materials free from PFC (perfluoro hydrocarbons).
Rossignol - PureXperience - Les Gets


O2feel is a French electric bike brand founded in 2009. O2feel brings design and innovation together. It stands out in the market place for its pioneering bikes, which combine technology, high-performance, reliability and style, aimed at anyone looking for a new way of life. Fitted with the very latest Shimano electric motors, Of2feel’s all mountain and enduro electric mountain bikes offer a host of options to discover the mountains in a fun and safe way.
Villacampa - PureXperience - Les Gets


VAUDE is a German mountain sports brand with a range of eco-friendly and fair products and aims for all of its products to be climate neutral. “Thinking with foresight. Being considerate in our dealings with others. Acting from the heart. This is how we can move forward. In outdoor sports. In everyday life. And in the development of sustainable products. Because future generations will only be able to enjoy the mountains and a pristine planet if we conserve what we love.”
Villacampa - PureXperience - Les Gets


So Ride Wear proposes sports clothing made in France “because nature is where we prefer to spend our time, it’s our passion, mostly on two wheels or on foot.” When you wear So Ride Wear clothing, you choose outdoor products eco-designed using quality fabrics and made locally in France.
Lagoped - PureXperience - Les Gets


URGE is an environmentally responsible French MTB gear company. URGE is a member of the 1% for the planet movement. URGE makes environmentally responsible MTB helmets mainly from recycled materials: recycled PET, EPS and ABS and natural linen. Its environmentally responsible approach goes above and beyond the products, with eco-friendly packaging and rail transport whenever possible…
Lagoped - PureXperience - Les Gets


REDEEM EQUIPMENT est une marque d’accessoires upcyclés, pour les sportifs, les voyageurs et les citadins actifs, made in France au pied du Mont Blanc, à Passy en Haute-Savoie : “notre objectif est de réduire l’impact environnemental des produits Outdoor présents dans notre vallée, créer des objets beaux et écolos afin d’encourager les gens vers un style de vie qui respecte notre planète.”
Via une production locale et solidaire, une démarche 0 déchet et 0 emballage, REDEEM EQUIPEMENT allie écologie, créativité, emploi, solidarité et durabilité. 
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